to the official website of Lee Bogle, best known for his masterful ability to blend realism and emotional depth in his paintings. His work not only captures the physical likeness but also delves into the profound emotions and spirit of his subjects.

Meet the Artist

Drawing, painting and picturing life are among Lee Bogle’s earliest memories. A Native Northwesterner, his art has always been more than a pastime. For many years he has described his art as a passion. Bogle continues to live in the Northwest where he is surrounded by the beauty of nature.

After receiving his degree in Art from Central Washington University and pursuing graduate study at the University of Washington, Bogle chose a career in education. During his years of teaching, he continued to spend time pursuing his own artwork. As the demand for his work grew, Bogle was faced with choosing between two careers. He decided to leave teaching to pursue his lifelong dream of being a full time artist.